Resident Evil 2 Remake/ Resident Evil 3 Remake – PS5/ Xbox Series X/S – Current-Gen Patch Review

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Capcom has released ‘next-gen’ upgrade patches for Resident Evil 2/3 Remake and indeed Resident Evil 7. Three modes are added – performance, 120Hz and ray tracing – with all three current-gen consoles getting every upgrade. So how does each mode perform on each piece of hardware? Oliver Mackenzie has the details.

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  1. Really happy seeing I got the upgrades but I can't connect to the Xbox network now. What was surprising was seeing that they could still run from my external hard drive.

  2. Ps1-great
    Ps1000 human beings still find something to complain about 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. They' re all great titles.
    And when the level of the tech is at a point, we' ve to zoom and analize almost "pixel by pixel" re released games, released in recent times and finished by gamers also recently, that is when I have to conclude: "I'm going to save serious money because I don't need to buy these three games" ;).

  4. I'm old enough to remember when people used to enjoy games for what they played and not what they looked like. I think Digital Foundry are becoming too obsessed with game having ray tracing.

  5. I got the upgrade I can’t really tell the difference that much you can tell the difference if it was using unreal engine 5 instead of there is another trophy set for the PS5 version I’ll buy it when it’s cheap but I’m fine with my free upgrades with xbox I bought it from xbox cause they refund they put first party games and free upgrade

  6. Oliver, please get your coverage to the same level as the rest of the coverage presented by DF. Your presentation was severely lacking in technical details regarding load times, fps performance, frame time judder, etc…, and your VRR analysis was a complete and utter joke. You should ask Alex for some help. Thank you for putting proper effort going forward.

  7. There are more people who own VRR capable TVs than there are people who own current gen consoles.

    That's just TVs, not monitors or other kinds of displays.

    "The small minority of people who have access to VRR," rhetoric isn't exactly true, and it's a little dramatic.

    It's really really really pushed home in these console videos for some reason that disparity in TV displays exist, almost as though DF is saying it shouldn't, but in the PC videos it's readily accepted that there a small group of people at the top with amazing hardware that will play this game in a way you can't if you don't have the same.

  8. Hi Oliver, do you mind to share your In- Game and TV settings for the Q70A? i have the same TV for PS5 gaming.

  9. First time i thought it was water in the rpd main hall 😅.It gets even worse in the last part of the game wuth all the metal but thanks ray tracing its gone 🥰.

  10. The fps on RT and 120fps mode likely could’ve been stabilized if they dropped res to 1800p

  11. I also noticed a couple of glitches, one in the locker room where buttons 1 and 2 are missing one corner of the room went completely black for a few seconds and in the sewers after saving ada on the way out a wall started to flicker strangely, in the previous version nothing like that happened before.

  12. Hey when I start the game on PS5 the opening scene goes black with audio still on on multiple occasions! Can anyone help me? I tried reinstalling, but still the same!

  13. I'm fortunate enough to own all of the next gen consoles and yes, the PS5 and Xbox Series X are impressive but what caught me by surprise is the punch the Series S packs. It's a Beast of a console and to cram all that power in such a small form factor I'm above and beyond impressed.

  14. high frame rate mode is kinda weird since most console players play on TVs that don't support high frame rates.

  15. But you didn't cover all of Resident Evil 3.. what about the multiplayer?

  16. I have an AmD 6600 and I turned off ssr,ambient occlusion, lens flare and bloom and let rt take care of the rest . Not only was my theory right but it maintained 60 FPS wit rt on wit medium reflections on rt, thank me later .

  17. Glad you covered the mirror in RE2.
    I tried the rt patch when it first launched, turned it on in settings, then first bathroom I saw the mirrors and thought maybe they screwed up and pushed an update with the menu option available but not actually doing anything

  18. My Series X doesn’t even allow me to use performance mode due to me not having a VRR display. But my PS5 allows me to use performance mode without a VRR display, however, it lowers the graphics to what seems to be 1080p.

  19. So 120fps mode is great, except the fact that it disables HDR. I cannot get the game's brightness looking good without HDR. So that option is a no-go. Ray Tracing mode is garbage and it's another huge give and take, first five seconds of trying it out I was already saying to myself "nope". So what am I left with? 1080p 60fps HDR with non-ray tracing visuals. Isn't that what I had before, or am I wrong?

  20. I've played through both of these a few times on PC at 240FPS. Awesome to see consoles doing 120FPS now. It's an absolute game changer.

  21. No wonder the PC is excluded since will top the PS5 (trannystation) and the Spencers Xbox (shitbox)

  22. Thank god one of my tvs is VRR. it’s a huge difference. I use high framerate modes vrr. But Ray tracing with vrr on seems to be the go to if you have a vrr tv.

  23. Hard pass for me. Loved it on my GTX 1050ti gaming laptop, don't need to buy it again for what seems like minor upgrades. Also, any word on haptics? That would be the ultimate selling point for me on the PS5 with haptic triggers paired to specific guns.

  24. my expensive ass monitor does not have VRR. i cannot get 120fps even though its a 4K 144hz monitor…. kill me pls.

  25. If Sony just won't lower their VRR range, then what I want is an RT mode that goes for 40fps at 120hz. That would be excellent here.

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