Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar's Big Surprise… Red Dead Redemption

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Rockstar has made some big plans to move forward with the red dead redemption franchise. Now rockstar insider chris klippel who recently confirmed the red dead redemption remake/remaster has now confirmed that there is a red dead redemption 2 next gen port in development for ps5 and xbox series x/s running the game in 4k 60fps. Now fans should repurchase the game in order to upgrade to the next gen graphics since take two will start marketing for the game as rdr2 expanded and enhanced instead of giving the update out for free releasing as the upcoming red dead redemption 2022 or 2023 game. Now there’s speculation that red dead online is becoming a standalone free to play title just like what happened to gta online so more players can access the online mode and rockstar can make more revenue from microtransaction seeing more reason to provide the playerbase with dlcs and future content. For more GTA videos make sure to subscribe!

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  1. Like dead ass stop. You are getting my hopes high. I still feel like they gonna abandon us 😭

  2. I'll save u guys time he basically says red dead comes to ps5 and hopes a dlc comes and that the game has more players then ever even tho it's already dead and buried


  4. They need to make the upgrade free the least they can do already been ignoring the fans can at least give us that

  5. Remastered needed big time. I want it to be like gta online, steam cars, different guns and horses to buy, steam boats, houses you can buy in the countryside, start a family, make it to where you have to work to provide for them, cut wood, gather supplies, maybe if you want you can own a cotton plantation and manage your slaves. Just some unique ideas that can be like GTA online, but more enjoyable and unique than what it is now.

  6. This is like trying to contact god with smoke signals and ask for a sandwich, but I hope they fix John Marston in the epilogue or add some kind of cut content just so it's not RDR2 but with 5 more frames

  7. Include undead nightmare pt.2 (never gonna happen) and then ppl would have no issue buying it again

  8. I really want to start this game man its too realistic better than gta v hands down i really wnst a exoanded and enhanced version like gtav or rdr2

  9. See here's the problem with that because I bought GTA v and had the storyline and the full game and what they did was they took the storyline away and now I only have the online version when I paid for the full game. So is this going to happen again where I paid for the full game of Red Dead 2 and they're going to take away the story version when I paid for this full game and I paid for GTA. This is what I'm talking about now I got to dish out more money for the storyline on GTA because I have a PS5. This doesn't make fucking sense. Just making more money off of it.😡
    I don't think that's right but people that paid for the full game.

  10. buy it again? no way unless i can prove i own it and then get it for like 10 bucks max. it probably wont even have ps5's trigger features incorporated right away. I haven't played it in months. They need to make it feel more open. Bounties could of been enough but everything is done in a dumbass mission mode way that puts you on a timer and is not at all like a free roam experience. Plus what kind of shmuck accepts a bounty for "$", "$$", or "$$$" amount?! what? "a little", "some", or "more". That's just lazy. go get you own goddamn bounty you sheriff prick. What kind of offer is that? Come on rockstar, the horse balls can shrink but I can't feel like a real bounty hunter? It makes it feel like someone friggin dumb has the reigns honestly.

  11. I'll purchase it again ONLY if I'm able to transfer my online profile over to the Series X from the PS4 like I was able to with GTA Online!

  12. They need to stop with feminist propaganda and identity politics or gamers are going to walk anyway. Every damn add-on for RDR2 has featured a female on the cover art. Yeah, I’m sure countless women are sitting at home playing RDR2… 🙄

  13. I predict Rockstar will do a Red Dead Redemption Bundle. 1, Undead Nightmare and 2 next gen for $60. I can picture them easily selling 10 million units for PS5, Xbox Series and PC combined.

  14. why the fuck would i EVER BUY RDRremaster

    if they cant even add content for RDRO?
    so basically the game is dead on launch cuz its not GTA?

    fuck rockstar.

  15. I'm 90s kid. Born 1990 actually. What I want to say is that I'm an old school offline/story gamer who grew up on offline/story gaming. I still prefer Story mode over online anytime. I played all classics from Sega Drive/Ps1/Ps2/Dreamcast/Ps4/Pc but no game touched me like this. This is really something else. It rarely happens that everything just fits. Story, characters, gameplay, graphics, music ambience. Games like this happen once in a lifetime and I am humbled an honored to have lived in the time of "Red Read Redemption 2"!

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