so this is my first time building my own budget gaming pc | not a tutorial ft. valorant

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hello everyone! today im back with another tech video which is building my own gaming pc. the specs is just okay. i will upgrade this pc in the future since im still studying in my college. I really enjoy building it with the help of tons of youtube videos hehe. I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I do while filming this. I bought everything from shopee except for the gpu.

PC :
Invasion GX-900 casing white –
AMD Ryzen 3 3200G CPU w/ Wraith Stealth Cooler –
Kingston M.2 SSD 500GB –
PNY XLR8 RGG 8gb 3200MHz RAM –
GTX 1650 GDDR6 4GB
Acer E1242QRP monitor curved –

Other products :
AKKO sakura jelly keyboard –
AKKO sakura coiled cable –
Logitech G102 mouse –

🍉what I used?
camera – iphone 11
editing software – vllo, picsart, phonto
laptop – nitro 5

any business inquiries : [email protected]

‼️ musics in this video are not mine. strictly go support the owner of the music. thank you.

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  1. Hey btw quick check . Just make sure your Ram is set to the X.M.P profile (This sets the ram to run at 3200mhz and not at 2666mhz which is default base speed).

    To check just open the task manager -> performance tab -> Memory section -> speed = Make sure its 3200Mhz.

    If your Ram is running on the default clock speed (might be 2666mhz) just go to the bios and under the advanced tab you can select the XMP profile for your ram.

  2. Hi. Can you sum up or have the list of every parts you bought please, really love to start building my own thanks for this vid of yours💕

  3. Wholesome Build…very much likely a true reflection of a build the average person would be able to afford. Then switch out parts as you can afford them. I also use the Womier K87 with translucent pudding Keycaps as my daily driver. What switches do you use?

  4. Nice build, I loved the video 🙌🙌🙌

  5. really nice case wish it had a screen panel for better airflow but really Nice PC, and a great Monitor i to have an Acer monitor not as big but fine .

  6. Wtf 1 stick of ram о_О
    If you aren’t able to afford 2 then pay for non rgb,it’s useless option
    Dumb build,i can’t understand your preference in case,you could bought another stick of rgb using $,left from a more budget case & non rgb fans
    650W is too much for 1650 + R3 so it was an another way to spent less buying a 500-550W option or smth like that
    Again: rly stupid distribution of $,that you could pay for a better gpu

  7. I bet this took you A DAY….. but in the end…. congratulations, you have successfully built your own very first(and bety beautiful too) pc.

  8. Watching these kinds of vids makes me realize i cant get these or ever build my own pc im too young to make Thousands, i guess ill finish my school so that i could have a good job to save up!

    love ur setup btw!

  9. Is your valorant inventory worth more then the pc? 😂 those knives can get pretty expensive. good job on the pc. i was going to suggest things but seems like everyone in the comments are very helpful

  10. Hello. Nice pc build. Great white case. ONE MISSING THING THOUGH!!! 2 sticks of RAM! Its recommended, so your pc can give higher performance! Also, don't forget avout xmp profiles in your bios settings. It will max it your speed from 2666mhz to 3200hz. More performance means more power. Great build though. Right on

  11. that aint budget build, it got a ryzen 3 3200g 8gb of ram and gtx 1650.I have a budget pc with a athlon II X4 640 4gb ram and a radeon hd6870

  12. Recommend getting 16 gbs of ram haven’t finished vid yet but based on what I’ve seen so far i recommend 16 gbs other then that you did great

  13. Well built and well balanced. Good job for being the first time. Amd loves dual channel ram memory. If given the chance get another ram stick asap (of the same brand and same speeds) you’ll see improved gaming performance. Good job building the computer 😃

  14. The moment I realized you were watching TechSource's guide on building PC, I knew you'll be just fine.

  15. nice job, btw u only rlly need 8gb, but its still a good idea to set up 16gb in the future. good build 👍

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