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Solo Enhancement Core Farm – Fast Crafting & Masterwork Upgrades

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There are 4 resources that are required for masterworking and upgrading weapons and armor in Destiny 2: Witch Queen. With all the new content, we’re all going to need a lot of them. In this video I go over the best ways to farm enhancement cores, enhancement prisms, ascendant shards (golf balls), and ascendant alloys as a solo player. Using these methods I’ve been able to collect thousands of enhancement cores and tons of prisms, shards, and alloys. I’ve even masterworked my entire vault. Ascendant Alloys are used for crafting weapons with enhanced perks that give better bonuses so you’ll need these if you want to craft a true god roll weapon. Many of these sources are solo friendly so you can solo farm enhancement cores, enhancement prisms, ascendant shards, and ascendant alloys without needing a fireteam. #Marshix #Destiny2 #Solo

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  1. Jesus, you just assumed everybody automatically had the dlcs required for nightfalls, trials, ect. You should really put that in the title.

  2. Season of the Haunted’s Nightmare Containment seems to have a decent chance of giving Ascendant Alloy after clearing Tier 3 and binding the Vestiges.

  3. thank you for the tips would suggest maybe only 1 ask for likes. otherwise great vid have great day.

  4. I absolutely love the Crisis-Inverted Omolon Handcannon. It fires so smooth and it looks like a squirt gun since it's an Omolon weapon and the projectiles are arc.
    I got a fluted-barrel, ricochet-rounds, snapshot-sights, ans moving-target with a range MW.

    (I put the "Atlantic Rush" shader on mine for optimal soaking.)

  5. Imo best weapon so far would have to be likely suspect, with successful warmup and the right mods the thing absolutely deletes things in pve

  6. Just wish I could complete a raid I don't have anyone to help me and I can't seem to do it solo

  7. So far, my favorite new weapon in Destiny from Witch Queen has been Sweet Sorrow. I love the look and feel of the weapon. Thanks for the tips brother!

  8. Didn't even know nightfall has a matchmaking rn lol, I'm a returning player and I've always just assumed nightfall was without matchmaking

  9. Do excess golf balls (ascendant shards) accumulate in your postmaster once 10 are gathered up in your inventory?

  10. good vid bro, just got back from a long hiatus and this caught me up real quick, godspeed.

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