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14 New LEAKED Skin Concepts for League of Legends

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1 – The Chosen One
An ancient race known as The One has granted incredible strength to those true of heart. Now, these heroes fight for justice, the burdens of their crumbling world on their shoulders.

2 – Arena of Hope
Long ago, the oceans dried, and the rain from the clouds above turned harsh and acidic. In this new wasteland, warriors fight for the scraps. The city of Hope remains the world’s only civilized society, where all laws are made and judgements passed in the Arena: a caged coliseum of chaos.

3 – Dream Catcher
The Dream Catcher stalks the village streets, turning its once vibrant, floral passageways into the dark alleys of nightmares. Feeding on the souls of all it encounters, the creature traps its prey in a world of their own creation. Though it may be beautiful, it’s only an illusion.

4 – Dream Weaver
Nightmares have escaped from The Dreaming and taken hostage of citizens of the ancient city of Ruyah. While the people involuntary sleep, benevolent creatures of The Dreaming known as Dream Weavers have risen to fight off the darkness. Together with Dream Guardians – mortals granted the otherworldly powers of The Dreaming – they’ll free Ruyah from eternal slumber.

5 – Tournament of Souls
A yearly battle is held to determine the greatest fighter across the land. This “Tournament of Souls” sees competitors of all types – each with their own Soul Power – brawl in fierce one-on-one skirmishes. The top prize is greater than any trophy: a shard of the Soul Gem, said to grant a single wish to those who possess it.

6 – Prismatic Guardians
Color is disappearing from the world. Powerful individuals have risen, vivid characters who are hoarding the shades and hues of civilization for themselves. As the saturation fades, once vibrant cities transform into gray dystopias.

7 – Magical Weavers

Beauty. Function. Technique. These are the criteria on which all plushies are scored. Countless colorful characters compete in a yearly show, brought to life by the magic of skilled seamstresses. Who will be the champion?

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