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15 MOST OP Champion Predictions for Patch 12.12 – League of Legends

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0:00 Intro
0:54 Seraphine
2:21 Sona
2:57 Wukong
3:20 Heimerdinger
4:04 Veigar
4:33 Jhin
5:05 Fiora
5:38 Senna
6:19 Zac
6:45 Volibear
7:33 Twitch
8:25 QotD
8:40 Tahm Kench
9:22 Taric
10:00 Renata
10:27 Zilean
10:55 Outro

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  1. Twitch deserve this , Twitch = High risk High reward , because if u play it pasive … better leave the game ,50% of match time need to risk with him i rlly like that guys who say "ooo its very ez to play Twitch" ok then start play it , and in 2 hours break 2 mouses :)) , he its dependent of this support and his team , if u use his q like an idiot then goodbye 🙂 if u wanna to fight solo as Twitch and front line .. pls leave the game 🙂 today i see a Twitch on steroids who wanna be first line in teamfight , Reast in pace that player after Zed see him… 🙁

  2. Adc items need a rework because of champs like gp, yas, yone and others abusing them if adc items ever get too op

  3. QOTD: Seraphine didn't need a buff. Wasn't there a video made a few days ago that put velkoz in the OP category? Seraphine is going take his place if riot wants to just make seraphine op trash.

  4. Taric is dope because of the 12.11 buffs it fixed his main issue that's it. He is op because of the E buff. Learning curve my ass

  5. QOTD: Current bot lane meta is a spicy dog fart after the dog dug in the trash and ate 4 day old curry take out.

  6. qotd: depends on which meta, in soloq I just play the one I have more chances to win (enchanters), so its kinda fine for me. In 5v5, in our "amateur" league we would prefer engage supps, but I still think that they are too weak, and really abuseable in current meta just imagine playing leona into ez/karma + jungler support. So I stay with renata, karma, rakan when we need more engage.

  7. Can you guys do me a favor and Stop calling Champs like Mundo and Volibear Tanks, when they are Juggernauts. Like can you just read through all classes on lol Wiki ?

  8. i love the fact that riot knows jhin is the best champ design they ever did and will never let him below 50% win rate out of pure pride

  9. deleted my comment that said exactly what you say at 8:17. I wish I didnt. Anyways yea, im bored of enchanter supp meta cause its so uninteractive but I feel its the only way to keep adcs relevant. They're the class that wants to farm up and scale, I can't tell how often I've been mad at my supports for forcing a fight I didn't want. Unfortunately it's just very boring for supports to sit back and watch their teamate farm just to use your spells in the most generic fashion when a fight breaks out. I think this is the way the support role should have always been, uninteractive and boring. You are not there for yourself, you are there for your ad carry. And you should be able to be there for them without feeling at a disadvantage for not playing a roaming/poking support. So yea, this is where we are, enchanters outheal/shield my poke in mana cost and engage supports fall off so hard because increased durability means that people survive the initial burst after being hooked, after wich they can escape and it makes your whole team die in the chase for a silly kill. Increased durability skyrocketed the possibility of landing a bad hook that will bait your team into a bad fight because they do not recognize that the yasuo has windwall and malphite is about to ult on your team that's clumping to try and get value out of your hook.

  10. I don't really like kill lane metas because I don't like playing to not lose instead of playing to win

    At least with enchanter meta I'm allowed to right click once in a while instead of playing the whole game in 1930's movie mode

  11. I played W max Janna yesterday and absolutely stomped, I will say she could use a nerf even tho she is the only champ I play lol

  12. My first role was ADC. Then jungle. Got to Diamond+ with just those. But this was a looonnggg time ago. Now, I can’t stand going bot lane. All these mages and mid champs going in the lane where they dominate the other role, is ridiculous. ADCs are terrified of ppl like Veig and Yasuo…but now champs just like that, are viable picks for the bot lane. Ruins being a ADC. Might as well run Lucian mid or something else….

  13. When is bars getting the dmg buffs he deserves. Just keep nerfing him cuz his mains keep his win rate high

  14. It's actually an insult you keep doing those videos when you actually think that Jhin is OP, pick anything that can build hp and he's worthless

  15. Just nerf enchanters ffs all aggressive supports are pure garbage atm…. U either go mage or enchanter now a days
    Braum naut leona thresh are just cannon minions

  16. It’s not the tank item buffs man it’s the heal cut nerfs how do they not realize this.

  17. QOTD: bot lane meta is ok. It's nice to have more hp but I enjoy poke supports and they are struggling right now.

    That being said, I'm glad pyke isn't played much anymore

  18. The world would literally be having flying cars and world hunger will go away if Yuumi was removed but Riot doesn’t want the world to progress forward

  19. whos doing these videos your Tier list is miles off and theres no mention of darius who has the highest WR because of his buff but hes not mentioned at all

  20. Qotd : as an adc main i really hate the meta right now its just scale until late game and carry tge game on your shoulders

  21. Olaf 1v5 ing with whole enemy team having anti heal, not being able to cc chain him, out run him, out heal or outdamage him

  22. ngl im piking saraphine cuz i got her new prestige soo what ever they did they did it right and btw i did play agents a tarick mastery level 7 yesterday as a pyke and he was really hard to deal with the game didn't ended cuz we had an afk so we had to remake but even in that early hes punching heals was really hard to deal with

  23. thats right , give fiora who is way too busted , and has a high wr hardly any nerf , and nerf beigo down a few tiers , and even remove his w and e interaction , imagine fiora couldnt w immediately after q only this is wirse , lovely , make an op tier op with a usless nerf , and an 1to b tier as a c tier

  24. Qotd: the meta is really nice since there’s still quite a bit if damage as the game goes on, but you can actually tell what’s happening and how you’re dying instead of being one shot with no counter-play by a lethality varus or sivir from a screen away.

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