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3 FREE MOBILE Play To Earn Crypto NFT Games on Android & iOS | NFT Game

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3 FREE MOBILE Play To Earn Crypto NFT Games on Android & IOS | NFT Game

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– What NFT marketplaces do you use the most?
Opensea, Rarible, Mintable,superrare
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Brave Browser
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NFT Games

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#3. Cantina Royale.

Cantina Royale is a top-down tactical arcade shooter game featuring both single-player and intense online multiplayer battles. Cantina Royale is on a mission to deliver a unique gaming experience with distinct game assets, dynamic gameplay, and opportunities to earn through entering the world of galactic battles.

Free-to-play users start off with a generic character, a young space ape thrown into the world of chaotic brutality. Players can continue to progress through the game without having to spend a single cent; but to gain rewards in item upgrades, NFTs, characters, and the coveted monetary tokens, players will need to invest in their gameplay through their premium characters.
Premium characters set a different story from the generic ones. Players who hold NFT characters will progress in their gameplay faster, earn rewards that could be turned into a passive income, and gain access to specific perks that will strengthen their characters. NFT characters can be bought through the marketplace, plugged through an existing NFT collection, or rented through the Lending Platform or Scholarship Program.

#2. Gensometa.

Genso Game Online -META WORLD- Is The New GameFi Of Elemental Knights Online That Won The “Gold Award Of Game Of The Year” In Taiwan In 2012 With A Total Downloads Of Over 8 Million. Incorporates UGC And Play To Earn To Realize A Metaverse Space In A Fantasy World.

Players From Various Fields Such As MMORPG Developers, Blockchain Developers, And Cryptocurrency Finance Experts From All Over The World Are Developing The Game As One Team! * As The Authorized Source Of “GENSOKISHI Online”, “Elemental Knights Online” Is In Japan And Is Operated On Android, IPhone, Switch, And PlayStation4 Platforms.

In This Game, The In-Game Economy Is Composed Of Game Money Called ROND. ROND Is Like A Stable Token And Has The Role Of Exchanging ROND Earned In The Game On The Cryptocurrency Exchange.

ROND Is Linked To The Price Of The Cryptocurrency Exchange, The Value Of ROND Also Changes Even In The Game, And Arbitrage Trading Is Adopted Even In The In-Game Weapon Shop.

Players Can Earn Income Through NFT Sales And ROND By Accepting Requests In The Metaverse World, Adventuring Dungeons With Friends And Defeating Strong Enemies To Acquire Valuable Items In The Game.

Sometimes You Can Earn Unexpected Income By Acquiring Rare Items. It Will Be A Great Pleasure To Achieve This With Your Friends.

#1. World Eternal Online.

World Eternal Online (WEO) is a new sandbox, play2earn MMORPG with a player-driven crafting economy. Players adventure across a vast world with thousands of other players, killing monsters, gathering resources and crafting items. Players can join a guild, take down massive raid bosses, capture a PvP fortress and more! Our goal is to make a fun game first where players can have a real impact. Players could potentially earn NFTs and tokens in-game by playing and interacting with others.

Players are encouraged to collect and upgrade a diverse set of heroes to take on all sorts of situations. Every hero has different strengths and weaknesses and players will be able to switch easily in-game.
WEO has a rich crafting economy similar to other MMOs like Eve Online and Albion Online. The economy consists of three layers– the adventurers, crafters and land barons. The adventurers need the crafters to create items for their heroes. The crafters need to rent land from the land barons to setup their shops. Land barons manage their cities to build them into centers of commerce where players interact with each other. Creating a vibrant economy between players is the core concept behind WEO.

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