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Best Hand Cannon in Destiny 2 is going away – FARM IT NOW!

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This is your last chance for at LEAST 2 new seasons to get an Adept Palindrome God Roll in Destiny 2. The Grandmaster Nightfall this week is SCARLET KEEP, and after this week, Bungie is removing the Palindrome from the Nightfall loot. So here is my official guide on how to farm the Palindrome (this week!)
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  1. The barrier at 8:19 can be killed by shooting a rocket by his foot before you Agro the adds and he gets knocked off the map

  2. Damn, all they had to do in order to kill my drive of farming this gun was making this shit Scarlet Keep. Literally the most snooze inducing strike in the entire game.

  3. Wow. The exact week the nightfall requires shadowkeep its the last time Palindrome is on the loot pool.

  4. Me about to unsubscribe from fallouts channel so he can be under my bed tonight (I'm in desperate need of a hug)

  5. All of this info is great if your a team, but most of the time we are simply in a match made with no mic’s..

  6. i still prefer Fatebringer. i think it's better, but in the non element slot. i have a really good cantata instead (smallbore, accurised, EoTS, range finder)

  7. Ah yes Scarlet Keep. Have fun. Did it yesterday Gm. Lucent Finisher. Very nice. Also Rocket Strat good.

  8. Idk if anyone knows or can help me out. Not a high enough light to do GMs nor do I have shadow keep, if I did the guardian games event would I have a possibility of Pali dropping? Even if it’s not a good roll I still want to try and get one. Anyone know if it’s possible? Thanks in advance!

  9. Hey how about 50 games of apex legends it is in a really good spot rn and I think it would be fun

  10. Or don't, because there are a dozen amazing hand cannons for the crucible sweats with i'm sure more to come soon.

  11. It's the best possible time to not have shadowkeep am I right? because it's essentially worthless to me, and now I HAVE to get it.

  12. Well, it's probably the worst season to farm GM, and one of the most annoying GM. It sucks. I do not understand why they prevent people from choosing their nightfall for the last weeks. It was great. Bungie, anti fun police.

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