Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Platinum SEPULCHER Legend Lost Sector Easy Guide – NEW Witch Queen Lost Sector

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In this video I show you how to do easy completions of the Legend Sepulcher Lost Sector on any class with a platinum rating and I …


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  1. Why cant my warlock play the lost sectors? My titan can. But both chars are exacly the Same, Progression wise.

  2. This a really easy lost sector to farm I am 1562 so its alot eaiser on my hunter but still easy only thing im running differnt is a bxr pulse since thats solar I have gotten 3 exotics from 5 runs got an exotic my first 3 runs back to back

  3. Just being shifty as normal lol nice vid man been a while but I always check ur vids out u keep getting better 😤💯👍👌🤌💪🧠

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