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Destiny 2 – THIS IS OUR PYRAMID SHIP? Horse Statues and Luring Us To Become A Disciple

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Hey Guardians! Today we discuss the secrets of the Europan Pyramid and what makes it different. In Witch Queen we get to enter this machine and find weird statues, devices and an invading Cabal armada. What was the Witness’ plan with this vessel? Let’s discuss!

“Destiny 2 Europa Pyramid”
“Destiny 2 Pyramid Ship Lore”
“Destiny 2 Darkness”
“Destiny 2 Lore”

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  1. Hey Guardians! Today we discuss the mission to Europa in Witch Queen and speculate on its true purpose. Season 17 should be revealed in the next couple of days so wanted to have some fun with this in the meantime. Leave your theories below!

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  3. if we can go into the pyramid why cant we go into the traveler. is the speaker alive inside the traveler? probably not if he couldnt hear it talk. would be nice to recognize the gardener

  4. Either the statues have some having meaning or for foreshadowing to what will happen to us when we play with align with darkness or the witness is just really into abstract art either way nothing is simple.

  5. The witness says the traveler has no pieces left to play, yet, the pyramid has horse pyramids meaning that the nine are still on the table and we are but a pawn capable of checkmating someone who underestimates us.

  6. I think this ship will lead to us using both light and dark willing both and having control over them maybe the last dlc we will use our powers to save all maybe we are ment to die maybe we become God's

  7. hey, around 5:15 the statues on the right side looks to be Ghaul and the speaker. So maybe the statues could be our past. If it is "our ship" then that would make a whole lotta sense to me! lol have a good rest of your day

  8. Imagine zavalas face if one day a pyramid just came and hovered directly over the tower, and we just jump out and go delete some blues from the postmaster as normal

  9. I don’t think each Pyramid has a Disciple attached to it considering how many Pyramids there are. I think the Witness drops Pyramids with powers to try and corrupt whomever stumbles upon it/who the Witness beckons to it.

  10. Who is the darkness statue? Because that isn’t the witness. The witness doesn’t have boobs.

  11. Perhaps it’s Eris’ pyramid, her crystal changed after communing with the statue then she turned towards the exit with a smirk.

  12. In darkness there is only strength, only victory, only life.

    Ok but We’ve killed like everything the darkness has thrown at us. ….They are dead… right? …Right?!

  13. Iv been saying this since beyond lights ending this ship isn’t part of the witnesses fleet (obviously didn’t have the witness part during beyond light) but still assumed it was a disciple who deflected the witnesses fleet and abandoned the ship and it now calls out to us to fill it’s missing pilot. Would be cool if we lose the light in lightfall and we retreat to europa and seek a new power from the pyramid to replace our light to take back the light from the witness

  14. my friends and I have a joke about the statues. that the witness was trying to do 3d printing with darkness and they all fail, but his uses so much material and he doesn't want to throw them – so he just hordes them on the pyramids and shows them to everyone XD

  15. Completely unrelated to this, but could fickril (Uldren right hand man) be the next Disciple since it would make sense that the reason to why the witness had started taking control of it is that Fickril showed the witness the scorn and how they operate, thus leading to the witness learning what is needed to control the scorn while rewarding Fickril with being a disciple for what he has provide to the witness

  16. We also see a bunch of solid "bricks" laying around in the Pyramids, which I've theorized to be the various raw materials the pyramids use to make all the platforms that seemingly appear out of nowhere. It's possible that this is also how we "shape" weapons in the Martian Relic, and we even have "Pyramid Weapons" we get from VotD. We also have the "black vines" that erupt out of Rhulk and the Caretaker, which have mutagenic properties according to the lore card for the "Gouging Light" sparrow (It's possible this could be related to the Egregore fungus currently "mutating" the Leviathan).

    My theory is that these factors will result in the creation of a new enemy faction for the Black Fleet: a body shaped from Pyramid materials and operated by a mass of black tendrils, ready to serve the Witness and their Disciples.

  17. Damn, I really hope we get our own pyramid ship and we gonna use it against the Wittness. That would be one of the most badass things bungie could do

  18. Idk if anyone has talked about it recently but has anyone brought up the ending of curse of Osiris and how are Guardian died and we have a tomb how that connect to what coming up and the next dlc

  19. What about the ship we Enter in the predection mission they Got giant worms thing that like han solo ? They have a Big pusle and so mutch more was in a Big ship Yesterday Saw stuff man

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