Elder Ring

Elden Ring (PS5) playthrough pt98 – The Final Smithing Stone Cave Leads To a SUPERPOWERED Rematch!

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This is gameplay of Elden Ring on the Playstation 5, with live commentary.
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  1. I love the fact you explore every area to the best of your ability, if it over levels you it sounds like that's just the game design

  2. yo bro wanna bet that if i pvp against ya i would destroy you in dks or as a matter a fact almost any game.

  3. 52:20 that was pretty unfortunate 😮 But nice that you liked the fight and weren't salty about it, even though it took a while 🙂 I also feel like its ok if they re-use Bosses once, but not more than that. They should have made it a rule to not make you fight the same bosses more than twice.

  4. I've watched every single part and enjoyed every single one! By the way are you going to go back and investigate the tower of madness? I'm thinking before you tackle the last area of the game you should ask everyone if there is anything you should go back and wrap up before moving to the final dungeon/area

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