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FULL UPCOMING CHANGES in Patch 12.12: Healing Adjustments & More – League of Legends

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Skins
0:55 Night Harvester
1:11 Predator
1:51 Dr. Mundo
2:23 Fiora
2:47 Singed
3:07 Yorick
3:20 Bel’veth
3:51 Viego
4:08 Shaco
4:28 Amumu
4:39 Ivern
4:58 Jarvan
5:17 Katarina
5:32 Annie
5:48 Heimerdinger
6:03 QOTD
6:16 Lucian
6:44 Zeri
7:01 Janna
7:33 Blitzcrank
7:43 Seraphine
8:03 Soraka
8:23 Yuumi
8:44 Outro

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  1. Fiora: "this is a solid nerf" fiora mains be like YES WE TRICKED THEM, AGAIN. By all seriousness. 1% BASE DMG REMOVED? this is not a nerf lol its literally just: "will the community buy it? lets pretend to nerf fiora so we can focus on other champions then" AD scaling is the same btw. jsut sayn. I will still shred 1/4th of your hp bar with 1 q lategame dw.

  2. ANNIE IS SIMPLY GETTING referted Q. it was 80% for YEARS. with her E changes they nerfed her Q. glad to have my 5% back. I FELT THAT… oh and tibbers Aggro is still broken. i hate it.

  3. QOTD: I have been having massive fun with AP Zero lately. Seeing her nerfs makes me incredibly sad though.

  4. I’m so excited for Yorick 🙈🙈
    Imagine if they remove the possibility to smite the maiden 😱😱

  5. the riot special
    yo guys we're going to nerf this champ
    q 20 – 200 > 20 > 199
    w 40 – 250 > 99999 – 99999999
    e 70 – 230 > 999999 – 999999999
    base health growth 6 > 99999999

  6. 8:28 omfg can you stop already with those comments ? jesus christ hating yuumi isn’t a personality trait you’re being annoying af ffs

  7. why even do the durability update if their just gonna roll it all back with assassin buffs like wtf

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