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Greatsword | Elden Ring PvP (Weapon Showcase ep. 7)

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Greatsword (GUGS) is statistically the best Collosal Sword in Elden Ring.
Aside from that, it’s one of the most powerful meta weapons overall
I’ve played on Strength Build with 80 STR

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0:00 INTRO
4:00 GREATSWORD GAMEPLAY (vs random gamers)
7:42 GREATSWORD GAMEPLAY (vs pro gamering gamer LBU himself)

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  1. This thing is busted. Devs might as well delete all other moves aside from rolling attack and crouch poke (which basically same very roll attack), and this won't change a goddam thing about this.

  2. Anyone who defends the UGS Poke meta really needs to get some perspective. A single move on a single class of weapon is insane in every regard. It could be forgiven it if there was enough of a recovery window to punish someone spamming it, or if it didn't deal Pierce damage and therefore single-handedly out-trade anything in the game, or if it didn't have excellent frame data, or if it wasn't the best spear, of it wasn't unpoisable, or it didn't vortex, or if it didn't deal 600 damage through the highest defense set-up in the game, etc… but it has all of that. I'm mad it invalidates every single other playstyle or weapon in the game. The only way to deal with UGS poke is by also using a UGS, because nothing competes with it. It sucks all the skill out of weapon match ups. Are you using a UGS? Then you can have an interesting fight of mechanics, wave dashing, spacing and moveset mastery. Are you not using a UGS? Then you may as well Finger Server out, because there's not a speck of skill or fun to be had in the coming fight.

    UGS Poke destroys all essence of build variety. It doesn't matter if you're a Sword & Board Knight, a Staff & Rapier Mage, Seal & Hammer Cleric, or any other sort of build – if you aren't using an UGS while fighting a UGS user, you simply don't have the mechanics to leverage your skill over your opponent. They might not win every fight, but the fundamentals of the game are so heavily weighed in their favor that you start the fight at an insurmountable disadvantage.

    Souls games live and die on their build variety, and to see icons of the PvP community continuing to champion a series of weapons that invalidate all semblance of build variety is really disappointing.

  3. great video. Lately your channel become really great when you started to explain things more 🙂 For me it was from: just random irritating dude with elden ring videos and stupid comments to really cool youtuber with quality content, especially top tier educational wise regarding elden ring that even borrowed weapon showcase from chasethebro, and thats great too 🙂

  4. Love your "meta doesn't mean braindead" takes. Finally someone who goes against the widespread scrub mentality in Elden Ring.

  5. I understand the Greatsword has an insanely fast crouch poke. Bro, you SPAM that shit more than any RoB could ever hope for. You’re a good player, but you spam that shit far too much. Crouch, poke, crouch, poke, crouch, poke.. it needs a nerf, badly. It’s been banned in a lot of fight clubs and tournaments, lol.

  6. Doesnt matter how much you try to down play it, the weapon is straight unfair with how good it is against 90% of builds. If you dont have a great shield, the UGS player can just simply disrespect you and get right in your face and wait for you to basically do anything. Its hella fast, its unparryable for some odd reason, does rediculous damage, has crazy stun, has crazy range and is pretty much a brain dead playstyle. In the hands of a pro, all these problems are just exhastorbated.

    And with high poise being achievable by pretty much any build, the setup can be implemented into any build type. So once its infused, even the greatshield, becomes a less effective strat.

    Its stupid design flaw of the game, and shows how much of step backward this games PvP really is

  7. Would you agree with the statement: "UGS has a high skill floor because of the advanced mechanics and spacing required but a low skill ceiling as that is the majority of UGS gameplay"

  8. It's not the issue of the weapon having a lot of skill opportunity or areas of mind games, its that it is still extremely effective in the hands of a brand new player when it shouldn't be. The damage, scaling, and speed of crouch poke allows people to use it as a single attack high damage spear with very little drawback and no need to learn "mind games".

  9. Something I’ve noticed is how if someone hits you right before you swing and you follow through, the swing misses the player. If you slow it down frame by frame your arm goes crazy and makes the attack miss completely lol

  10. If we had ds3 vigor scaling and everyone still had 60 vig, I don't think ppl would complain about counter damage as much (as a colossal sword user)

  11. I think making da poke parryable and making the attack 2-4 frames longer would be enough balance

  12. You make it look too easy! While GUGS poke can demonstrate some high level skills I personally find it extremely boring to spectate.

  13. Still needs a nerf. Crouch pokes in general need a slight nerf. It may not be braindead, but dealing 600 dmg or even 800 dmg on counters in just 12 frames is extremely dumb. And I'd love to see you fight your friends or good players more instead of destroying randoms in academy

  14. I am pretty sure gugs can 2-3 shot any setup with 65 pois and no crab. Michael from ladder sometimes 4 shots me even with zweihander if I don't use crab (my absorb is 34, and 31 vs poke on ps ss).

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