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Three iconic cities, three epic stories. Play the genre-defining classics of the original Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas updated for a new generation, now with across-the-board enhancements including brilliant new lighting and environmental upgrades, high-resolution textures, increased draw distances, Grand Theft Auto V-style controls and targeting, and much more, bringing these beloved worlds to life with all new levels of detail.

QuipScope is where we provide our thoughts and impressions while discussing how we’re getting on with the latest video game releases. This time, GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition!

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  1. If you bought the “ps2 classics” version on PS4 about 4 years ago then they should still be in your library, even though it’s been delisted on the store. So that’s another way to play it. But peters right, if you’re looking to get these for the first time, avoid it.

  2. I'm enjoying SA via game pass because I didn't play much of the original so I'm more or less experiencing it for the first time with a little bit of modern shine, but if I'd paid 60 quid I think I'd be pretty irate over it.

  3. I'd rather play the originals for the 1000th time, thank god I downloaded them before they were removed. Such a shitty business practice by Rockstar Games

  4. I’ve come to believe that a large portion of the gaming community is unbelievably quick to complaint. I’m not saying that developers should push out unfinished or defective products, but I don’t believe there has been a big release in recent memory that hasn’t been met with calls to destroy the entire studio. It’s just ridiculous really. Voice complaints re: bugs and defects sure—but every issue is met with allegations of intentional exploitation of the consumer. It just defies any logical business practice.

  5. It is like they remastered the mobile version of gta 3 and ported it over to console wait a minute don’t grove street games make mobile games? 🤔

  6. The spelling errors are due to the AI trying to upscale text, but it gets confused, eg M becomes H, etc, which makes it obvious that they didn't check the textures over after upscaling

  7. It’s great having a video of someone responding to everything said with yeah and not contributing any thoughts, didn’t know good was now a response for negative points

  8. Damn I didn't know about the tank thing and thats sucks so much because using that trick without the flying car cheat is the best way to complete the vigilante mission.

    Cars exploding super quick is easily the worst part of these remasters. It almost completely ruins the game.


    I've watched a GTA trilogy video before but I've not seen Triple Jump's reactions… so I'm going to watch this with everything I've got.

  10. This trend of mobile games being ported to consoles and vice versa, with certain versions being more often than not inferior to the original, is actually pretty worrying. First, there were those Angry Birds console games, which had complicated control schemes and an appalling price tag compared to the original mobile versions; then Drawn to Life was ported to IOS with half the game missing, not to mention the latest entry, Two Realms, was built around the mobile port and had multiple bugs until they were all patched; and then several horrible mobile games somehow got even worse console ports; now… THIS?! If this trend keeps going, then the future of gaming is in BIG trouble.

  11. 10:54 Pardon the auto pun here but was your video editor asleep at the wheel? You're talking about how atrocious the rain effects are…I'd love to actually be able to, you know, see that reflected on screen!

  12. so by the look of the game itself and the game play as well as what you said, unless you dont own them any longer, might be worth a try. i myself, still use my ps3 and have gta 3, vice city, san andreas, vice stories, liberty city stories, gta 4, the ballad of gay tony and gta 5 on there. i think that updating it or remaking those games would destroy the experience and wouldnt have worked.

  13. I've watched a TripleJump review video before, so I'm going to give this everything I've got!

  14. GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition? More like: GTA Trilogy, Definitely not gonna buy this Edition!

  15. Yep, beautiful android port. Literally, this is a mobile port. Laziness at it's worst.

    Oh, and the fact that they literally used something to blanket replace the textures and there are some ridiculous misspelling and strange issues that should have been caught by a human.

    This is just an embarrassment.

  16. According to DreamcastGuy this game was a near perfect remake with his 9 out of 10. Thanks for being honest n not kissing Rockstar behind

  17. I remember playing OG San andreas back in the day and the ending glitched out so I could finish the last mission and I remember my uncle saying he was waiting on a phone call to trigger the last mission in vice City but it never happened….has these issues been fixed or are they still in the game aswell if it's mostly AI coded? 🤔

  18. The mini-map is really cool, the controls overhaul was greatly needed and much appreciated, And I like the shine on the cars. That’s pretty much the only positives.

    I think I’ll hold off from getting it myself unless it’s A. Fixed and improved and B. Less than £20

  19. Given modders are suing R*, I hope the game fails. The modded versions of these games are WAY better than R*'s crappy Definitive Edition. The fact this game's been pulled from online for various problems, even more proof modders are better at making games better than companies are.

    Side note. The models in the modded version look much better and more realistic than R*'s version.

  20. I found that when I changed it to 60fps mode it sorted out the rain issue. It was awful until I did that though.

  21. People have blown the issues way out of proportion.

    Yes it is a little lazy in places and probably shouldn’t be full price.

    But they are pretty faithful to the originals and make them playable on modern consoles etc.

    The same handle full of embarrassing screenshots going around, just isn’t representative of how these games feel to play.

  22. To be sincere, only thing i dislike is the rain. Draw distance is a bit jarring but i got usted to it pretty quickly. The other stuff doesn't even come close to ruining the experience for me, so i really hope they fix it to get back to it. Not that it's great, but still classic gta and that's pretty good by itself.

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