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High On Life – Justin Roiland Developer Game Overview | Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

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Squanch Games’ Justin Roiland, Alec Robbins, and Erich Meyr give more details on their upcoming sci-fi/comedy FPS High On …


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  1. Everything Justin Roiland touches immediately looks 10x better. Also they could've left out the guy on the left.

  2. like yeah, like totally, like this like is like the like most like awesome like game like yeah….hit the like button.

  3. Feels like Justin roiland is taking over the void that the odd world franchise has been failing to maintain.

  4. Absolutely can't wait to play this game. Not a Rick and Morty fan in the slightest. But man this just looks so dope and funny af.

  5. ….wait a game that’s original and not a clone of a popular clone that’s more popular of the original game

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