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How Everyone is getting Top 10% in Strike Scoring Playlist | Destiny 2 Season of the Risen

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Welcome back my fellow Jedi and Padawans, thank you all for continuing to come back to the channel and for those who are new, …


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  1. Couple thoughts. First, I'm never down for exploits. I play naturally. So, to me , this hurts the game and the event. I didn't know of about any of this until I stumbled across this video. (Great video and topic) Secondly GG was kinda screwed from the get go due to the huge advantage streamers have over casual. I understand it's the nature of the beast however, if Guardian Games is all about competitive spirt, then it should be based on competition not who can bank the most motes. Let me clarify. Having skill based games and activities over who can play the game the most.

  2. Bungie should have known that only giving the top 10% the emblem would cause people to find ways to cheese the strike. The decision not to include death tokens was what blew my mind.. do better Bungie

  3. I gave up on the event! Got my god roll title, but after seeing everybody popping off 500k+ with these cheeses and realized that it kills the fun in the event. It hurts the ones who play it for enjoyment who achieved scores naturally and now the only enjoyment is getting the materials and the nightfall weapon.

  4. I was in top 10% couples days ago and was curious why I was in top 30% my team got to 245 legit and we want the emblem so we did the cheese we got 500k and back in 10%

  5. I like the cheese because it’s fun to optimize your time and cheese simultaneously, but I hate it at the same time. You can Forsure score very high with cheese but then you’re required to cheese to compete.

  6. So we actually ran into the same problem where our best run without cheese was 260k at first then 290k, but I think we accidentally cheesed the revives in the final room by 2 people dying together and the 3rd clutching up. We had a flawless run where we were “insult to injury” farming every champion/light bearer and trinity ghoul multi-killing all adds. We had very specific jobs and roles to play. Beautiful run for flawless and finished with 290k. We then did a cheese run and made 331k with like 6-10 medaled revives.

  7. I'd say it hurts it more, because 1. Players that can't be on alot, Players that use destiny properly should be rewarded accurately, it takes the fun out of it and turns it into sweaty pve

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