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How NOT To Solo Prophecy | Destiny 2 Solo Dungeon

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My girlfriend wants the cottontail ghost shell, I am going to try an get it for her. Solo prophecy isn’t something I ever planned on doing, and this video is exactly why. I hope you find entertainment in my suffering.

This video is purely my own speculation seeking to entertain and start a fun discussion. The information presented here is not based on any leaks, rumors, or datamined information regarding Destiny’s future ). I hope you enjoy, I love covering fun hypothetical topics on the games we love!

What you’re about to see is possibly the most rage inducing task I have attempted in Destiny 2 thus far. Before we hop in to the meat of the video I need to give you some background on why I’m even doing this and why my void Titan is wearing Ashen Wake. If you watched either of these videos then you know that my girlfriend is just starting to get into Destiny 2 but, isn’t very good at it yet. She’s also very into the fashion if you can’t tell. I was showing her some ghost shells and one in particular stood out to her, the cottontail shell. She thought it was adorable and was disappointed to hear that you must complete the prophecy dungeon solo to earn it. Long story short I’m gonna try to get it for her, only problem is, her account isn’t exactly super developed and she doesn’t own any of the expansions. She has 2 exotics, riskrunner and coldheart. I knew this would be a challenge especially because I’ve never solo’d prophecy before and it… well you’ll see.

After opening the second door I layed eyes on the final target, I had a bad feeling about him, but to get there I had a couple other things to do first. I bumped up her graphics settings a bit and it was on to the first encounter.
This boss is fairly straight forward and I’ve never really struggled with him. Yeah that, that was about to change.
It took me a while to even get to a single damage phase. If the psions didn’t kill me then the knight’s we’re quick to finish the job, if the knights didn’t kill me then the boss was always there to gently remove me from the arena. Although I did actually get an exotic engram to drop, the first random exotic on her account. I was really excited, certain exotic armor pieces could really help turn the tides of the night.
I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one, honestly I figured it would either be really easy or really hard.
Well would ya look at that it was really easy, 3 attempts, and moving on.

I thought the first boss was bad, this was just awful. I swear the temperature in my room must have gone up ten degrees as I get more and more heated. Literally the only thing saving me now was void 3.0.
It was almost 3 in the morning and I was really starting to lose my patience.
I laid in my bed trying to go to sleep. But I was pissed. All I could think about was the dungeon and how close I was, I hate giving up. But as I lay there I remembered my exotic engram, that goddamn borealis, and I just started laughing. All of a sudden the situation was just hilarious to me. At this point, I don’t know if I can manage getting her this ghost shell, part of me wants to try but it was so difficult that I’m not even sure I can pull it off with her current loadout. So here’s what I’ll say, if you enjoyed this enough to want to see me try again on her account, then like the video and if we reach 115 likes I’ll do it again. You may be wondering why 115, I just like that number. So if enough people want it I’ll give it another shot, if not, I will gladly stay away from anything and everything pertaining to this Kell Echo.

Music made by Ixach Beats, they make some great copyright free music that I really enjoy, check them out! 🙂

If you have any thoughts feel free to comment below, share or like the video, it really helps out especially when it comes to feeding the YouTube algorithm lol.

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