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How to Play Octane in Season 13 – Apex Legends Tips & Tricks

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In this guide, I will be teaching you how to play Octane in Apex Legends 2022

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When starting out Apex Legends can be confusing with various choices of legends and what they can do and how they are played, in this guide Ottr will talk about How To Play Octane, and to utilize his toolkit, abilities and ultimate to the fullest. Ottr will talk about the right ways to use Octane’s stim boost, how to play around with the Swift Mend passive ability as well as the ways to outplay your enemies with his Jump Pad ultimate ability. Ottr’s years of experience with Apex Legends come into play in this Octane 2022 Guide. The School of Ottr Guides helps the new and advanced players to level up their games to the next level, How To Play Wraith is one of those guides.

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  1. I’m an octane main, and if ever land at lifelines clinic I absolutely ABUSE my stim (and health at that) if I’m fighting on the main floor. You can run across the central pad and instantly get your health back. Kind of niche situation tip, but if you land there as an octane, go nuts

  2. i picked octane bc silly goofy hyper man
    stuck with him for how useful he is in most matches ((:

  3. Real good video fam thanks I recently became a octane main but this helped so much even though I play controller still helped a lot great game btw

  4. You forgot that if you hit the jump pad looking down it will shoot you across the ground and not out you in the air

  5. thank you for the tips and tricks man, i dont even know how to play him that well but after watching this i realized im making multiple mistake thank you ottr!

  6. Obviously this is not my channel so I have zero say in how to do anything with the operations but I feel like with this new series of "How to Play X Legend" with you giving us tips and tricks to hopefully better our gameplay with said legend is have a few videos come out afterwards playing that legend in the current season as some buffs and or nerfs could occur since the making of some of the gameplay shown. Season 8 was the 23 bomb you got with Oct but how do he fair in the current season? I mean one easy way to know is straight up play the game myself or look at patch notes but we all aren't giga chads at the game such as yourself so it'd be nice to see you dominate again with that legend, I'm not saying anything crazy like a 4K 20 bomb but just good movement and kills and what you do best. Just a thought I had while watching some recent videos and as always all up to Ottr. Sorry for the long comment. Potato.

  7. Pleeaseeeeeee. Im main octane. Sadly. Need more detailsssssssssssss. 😭😭😭😭😭😭🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Less guides more bangers please. At the very least post a regular video before or after your guides please 🥺

  9. I've always really liked octane he's a fun character and also an amazing pick for ranked, I'd like another video showing advanced tricks and maneuvers for sure

  10. Watched the whole video . Was waiting for you to say that stimming in the storm after round 2-3 is not always a good idea 💡 .

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