Red Dead Redemption

If Sadie Adler Got Her Own Story DLC In Red Dead Redemption 2 #shorts

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  1. What abt Undead Nightmare that takes place in 1914 and u control Undead Arthur because Charles also trhew for him Holy Water, so him and Undead John met each others, also would have 19 years old Jack

  2. Nobody talking about undead nightmare 2 never got to play the old game I need it for this one

  3. DLCs we need:
    Sadie after epilogue, likely bounty hunting.

    Dutch from after epilogue until beginning of first game

    Undead Nightmare 2 (personally want the most)

    As Arthur from point of time until Blackwater Ferry job

    As either Dutch, Arthur, or Hosea while forming the gang

    How Dutch and Colm got into a feud

  4. Some time i feel like sadie is so cringe but sometime also i fel shes cool and loyal but also sometime i feel shes rat

  5. I got to play this game so i can be a cowgirl n shit, i’d be so fucking cool, i would shoot bad guys and be like “boom you’re dead p- partner”

  6. Watching Arthur die brings me to tears every single time. I prayed the first time I played rdr2 that Arthur and Sadie would settle down can't wait to play this dlc

  7. I would’ve liked to see a dlc that shows he travels to South America, since it’s confirmed that’s where she went after she left New Austin.

  8. It would be cool to have an epilogue with small cutscenes of how everyone joined the gang. We know most of them from here and there but it’d be cool to see Dutch recruiting people like Lenny, Sean, Charles.

  9. I wonder why Rockstar doesn’t do story DLC for their games anymore like they used to. I always wanted an Undead Nightmare 2 for this game

  10. She went being a victim, to being the hunter!!!!
    Let’s do a playable character that works for her Security Company. Male or Female!!!!!

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