Red Dead Redemption

If The Red Dead Redemption Remake Was Real #shorts

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  1. Why do we have to rely on mods for this kind of thing…why don't developers just give fans what they want

  2. We're probably all going to be around 40 before rockstar even gets off their couch that fused to their lazy skin and consider it

  3. For me, I just want them to redo the graphics and make it run better. Maybe one or two new side missions that reference the new game but I don’t want a bunch done

  4. Maybe because rockstar said if Gta trilogy is popluar then they might remaster RDR1 And it sold 10 million copies in 2 minths

  5. Am I the only one where when I play RDR1 it feels like a totally different game than RDR2, whenever I play rdr1 the two games don’t feel connected even tho they are

  6. If they do a remake I would hope that they would add some missions that have a connection to Arthur in some way, or at the very least have some new dialogue mentioning Arthur especially all he did for John and his family. To not be mentioned in the original RDR is a bit sad now replying it after the second one.

  7. If there was a remake i wish Javier would get some better treatment he was the only one who didn't aim at Arthur and John, he liked them but choose to stay with Dutch unfortunately

  8. I hope if they have a remake it's not like the gta trilogy. Would be nice to add all the new things from rdr2 like maintaining ur horse ect

  9. Cara…
    Não sei muito inglês então vou comentar em pt-br mesmo
    Mano ficou FANTÁSTICO, esse vídeo me fez chorar de felicidade

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