Introducing Fnatic | VCT Masters Copenhagen Analysis (1/12)

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  1. i am gonna love this series!
    can you talk about the teams general playstyle in the beginning so we can look for it in the vod? i think that would be so cool

  2. Awesome video but I would love for you to go a little more in-depth about the roster and what each player specializes in/brings to the team.

  3. Personally I would like u to go more out of depth, (not a diss but just my preference) in the future, can you show us their defaults, and potentially how they fundamentally play valorant than other teams? (Aggressive, passive, whatever works, how chaotic they are, how they thrive in chaos), or is everyone the same and there’s less theory and more micro play? Questions such as, are they playing valorant the right way, or are they utilising their full player potential. Idk if this seems a bit obtuse but I would like answers to some of these questions. It’s kind of like anti stratting I guess but what u showed us wasn’t the whole picture , if you can’t answer this, then can you tell us what to look out for, or what questions to ask ourselves when figuring out a team, or how to go about figuring out their fundamental thought process… this seems like a really difficult task but a person can wonder. Personally I am just a casual but it seems like a really interesting topic.

  4. crazy how when going over Fnatics agents, you included four agents with 0% on the tables, but just completely left out Phoenix. We all know it’s 0% but come on at least put my man on the board lmao

  5. Even if you put 3 hour video with every detail of every team i will still watch it. You are amazing

  6. Teams will be secretly greatful for this info they dont have to gather themselves until the videos about them

  7. I live how FNC plays in bind I play viper and I basically steal their setup cuz it's just too good

  8. When showing round winrate for each map you should compare the winrate to the average winrate on that side like you did with the agent pickrates. For example you say fnatics attack is weak on split but they make up for it on their defense, but every team should have that be the case since the map is very defense sided. You could also do the same on the eco stats. I don't know what a normal percentage for those should be

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