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Kingdom Hearts 1 FM (PS4): Part 2: Preparing to Sail from Destiny Islands

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Sora had quite a bizarre dream, again, but was it really a dream?

He woke up on the beach of his favorite hangout place: Destiny Islands.

Right over his head, he saw one of his best friends, Kairi, beaming on him with an adorable smile. Soon afterwards, another friend, the hotshot Riku, arrived on the scene.

They all had a plan to leave Destiny Islands on a boat and travel to many different worlds.

One you’ve regained control of Sora, talk to Kairi for the supplies you need to gather for this trip:

  • Two Logs
  • One Cloth
  • One Rope

You don’t have to do this immediately, because it doesn’t take long to find these things.

Most of this video focuses on the play-fights I get into.

  • If you fight Tidus, he’ll use a long stick as his weapon.
  • If you fight Wakka, he’ll barrage you from a distance with his Blitzballs, though he can also hit you up close.
    If you fight Selphie, she’ll threaten to beat you up… with a jump rope.

It’s all just for fun, and you can get a little bit more experience from fighting them. You can even get Tech Bonuses by deflecting their attacks with your own. If you want to, you can even try and fight all three of them at once!

You can also try and fight Riku, and he’s tougher than the others. If you knocked him back and his feet are in the air, watch out, because he’s about to use a double kick!

Once you found all of the supplies Kairi asked for, you can talk to her again and finish the day.

As the sun sets, Sora, Kairi, and Riku watch it towards the sea.

Kairi came from somewhere else, but she does not remember her homeworld. Part of why the trio wants to leave the islands is to help her try and find it.

And the reason this plan came to being is because Kairi’s presence made Riku very curious of what kind of worlds are out there. He didn’t want to stay at Destiny Islands doing the same thing everyday.

As they take their leave for the day, Riku hands Sora a Papou Fruit. It is said that when two people share this fruit, their bonds and fates become inseparable.

Riku knows that Sora wants to share that fruit with Kairi, but Sora dismisses it and tosses it aside.

Somewhere else… in a completely different world…

A duck wizard was entering into a magnificent castle to say good morning to his king.

But… the king was missing, all that was left was an important letter for him to read. In a wild rush, the wizard dashed to tell his greatest knight ally what was going on.

The wizard’s name is Donald, and the knight’s name is Goofy. Donald wanted Goofy to keep quiet about the letter.

But he didn’t realize that his sweetheart, Daisy, as well as Queen Minnie, herself, was standing behind him.

Yes, they were all curious about to the sudden disappearance of King Mickey…


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