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Let's Play World of Warcraft – The Burning Crusade Classic – Tauren Warrior – Part 60 – Gameplay

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In this video we’ll have a relaxing, immersive time, leveling up as a Tauren Warrior.
Professions: Herbalism, Skinning.
Add-ons: Questie, Immersion.


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  1. An awesome thing to see too would be usage of Rend on the second target as well while fighting more than one enemy.

  2. Hi Robert!
    From where does thats sweet stuff come from (at the very beginning of the video?)
    I'm hitting 50 soon and it seems like I dont have any gold nor good gear compared to you.
    Cheers as always !!

  3. Western Plaguelands is also a place with alot of XP to get, to alternate with Winterspring.

  4. i think you should start by calming down Robert. with all that left to do in here you could easily hit 61.

  5. Are u fkin kidding me Robert? I’m done with your channel. Ty to your fans and of course yourself for proving how “immersive” your channel is. U yourself have made yourself an immersive joke. I’m ashamed of being apart of the mankrik community

  6. Nice to see this is still going, I just started the series recently, it's been fun and definitely scratching that classic itch I've been having.

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