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Mizkif Reveals His NEW GAME

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What a game

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  1. Asmon knows it's a shitty game… How you gonna market it to appeal to people? Some streamer twitch acting rage content? Kappa

  2. Ever since the cheating thing with schooled miz has just looked less enthusiastic about anything. He always plays it off but the vibe is different

  3. I hope I'm wrong but it seemed like Asmongold was genuinely zoned out and thinking about something that gave him grief, that wasn't a bit between him and Miz. I hope he's doing ok.

  4. 3 beautiful streamers that deserve everything they worked hard for. my god they are so talented. Oh wassup emi. Like i was saying 3 beautiful ppl that are amazing thanks guys idk what I'll do with my life after this.

  5. Mizkif passionate about games lul everyone knows he don’t play video games he’s a reactor + girl clips farmer

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