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MY BEST GAME OF SEASON 12 | 20 Kills 5,500 Damage | Apex Legends Season 12

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My Best Game of Season 12…

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🎬Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5i5TfU0CIg

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  1. I love to see the daily sub goal, so many streamers goal for crazy high amounts, and here u r just asking for 2, and getting 7

  2. I'm the only one who has a problem taking something off the ground because I can't hit the thing

  3. i watched this while eating lunch and just stopped eating entirely at some points lmao this was such a good game 😀

  4. i wonder why faz doesnt use any heirlooms, unless of course he doesnt have one, then thats just an F in the chat

  5. Love the gameplay!
    Just remember 20s and 4ks are not important I dont mind having less damage or kill games !
    Just here for the good gameplay

  6. faz needs more recognition. he’s very obviously, atleast in my opinion, one of the greatest apex players as of right now

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