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My First Hour with Epsilon World of Warcraft!

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Red baby, flying cow. Good. This video is about my first hour aka first impressions with Epsilon World of Warcraft. This custom WoW private server is all about customization, roleplay and community! Thank you Cyresdog for suggesting me this server, much appreciated my friend!
I would love to hear you guys stories from this server! Had a good time or want to tell us something else? Just comment below! A like and maybe a sub would go a long way! Have a good one, take care! 😀

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  1. I really love Epsilon wow, really missing RPH, but it was toxic, the problem is with Epsilon wow that while the community is tight and knit is that you have a ton of commands to learn , and most people are concentrated on building and they are very exclusive to their friends only and while I was trying to speak to everyone and be friendly some people were only speaking with only their friends or those who were on the server for the long time. Also it's a pretty strict server you can't use many spells or transform into something bigger because you will be asked to scale down. I respect tia and everyone who joins their server ,I still join them from time to time but I would wish for the playerbase to be friendlier to new ones. Overall a solid 9/10

  2. I am just discovering epsilon and am ecstatic to get started. My vision is to use this for a dnd campaign. I know i'll need to learn a lot of commands tho.

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