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NILAH LEAKED CONCEPT & ABILITIES – League of Legends New Champion

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NILAH LEAKED CONCEPT & ABILITIES – League of Legends New Champion. Melee Bot Lane Waterbender – League of Legends. New melee whip bot lane adc water bender concept art preview and possible abilities. 🔔K/DA AKALI COSPLAY AT 100K SUBS: http://bit.ly/RemusSub

🔷Sources: https://twitter.com/Snakenergy/status/1535845357803950081 https://www.reddit.com/r/NilahMains/ https://twitter.com/BigBadBear_ https://twitter.com/RubStranger/status/1535679305077882888
🔷I’m part of the official League Partner Program with Riot Games. You can read about the program here: https://partners.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/

🔴Outro music: Johannes Bornlöf – Skyfall 1

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  1. I just dont see how they're going to make a melee adc work out. Its just gonna be played in everyother lane, then will be nerfed to the point where you cant even play her bot. Lol

  2. Time to build Drinker an go full Blood Whip with this close range ADC, at least until riot nerf it to inexistance ( Im watching you Zeri).

  3. riot pls delete this champion makes 0 sense . lol is fine now we dont need overkitted champs with tons of dashes evry week

  4. I am not the type to complain about overloaded kits but this is definitely overloaded ….

  5. 1:20 those abilities sound so fckin toxic to play against in top lane and thats the lane she will be abused in.

  6. She sounds really sick, and I like how all her abilities work well together. The mist ability sounds a little strong, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  7. Considering Jhin was mostly made from abilities scrapped during Kindred's development and Nilah's E is a scrapped ability from Gwen, I would feel confident saying most the gameplay leaks are probably close enough considering most of that kit could've gone on Gwen perfectly fine as well.

  8. If this is her kit she will be reworked like Akali gg so riot another 200 years champ overturned.

  9. Gwen's scrapped E makes so much more sense for her in stead of her curent E "GWEN IS IMMUNE"

  10. meh. was hoping for a Better q tbh. Long thin slap (same as jinx w but more thin) of whip that tether to any enemy hit by the tip slowing them and can be recasted to shake the whip dealing base damage and applying on hit effect detatching from the target. or even a low cd q where she spins her whip around her head dealing area damage and applying on hit effect to everything in the area.

  11. Wow her E is exactly what I had posted on the official lol forums before they were taken down for a Evelyn sister that used a whip

  12. Nilah ult is pretty much a Domain Expansion from Jujutsu Kaisen, the where a move will never miss lol

  13. Can you post source to trailer you used some scenes from? I am talking bout opening scene, i am sure i saw it somewhere but can't find where.

    now whip it real good–

  15. I love how he brings joy and laughter to all of us

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