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Nilah’s OLD ABILITIES – League of Legends

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Nilah FULL ABILITIES Reveal in League of Legends.

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  1. So her passive is bel Beth 2.0 and Jihn. Q is Samira’s dash thing and Yone’s mark. HER W IS LITERALLY VIEGOS FUCKING W THEY COPIED AND PASTED IT THOSE LAZY TURNIPS. And her e is zac’s pull grab thing but better. And her ult is a rip off jarvan ult just better, I’m noticing a theme with copy and pasting old crap no one one likes and making it better, and her ult is also a copy of whatever yorick does with that cage but once again, better. Also good I’m willing to bet Nilah will be a manaless champion. ( also her q passive is lee sin’s passive but with damage instead of attack speed and who the actually fork needs energy so screw that too) I hope anyone who reads this has a good day 🙂

  2. Funny how none of this explains her dodging TF's yellow card in the trailer, the closest one is the W but it's explained here to be quite different

  3. Okay, she has a Thresh hook and Zac E combined in one. And that W….. seriously? A 10 second blind? That's nuts. Her Q is begging for Tear/Muramana. We'll see how long her CDs are.

  4. Somthing is missing since in the reveale trailer we watched her negate a twisted gold card similar to samira spin

  5. Top: Camille

    Jungle: Jarvan

    Mid: Anivia

    ADC: Nilah

    Support: Brand(?)


  6. Riot "I don't think our champion kits are overloaded."

    Riot: Let's make Nilah and ask her how much text she wants
    Nilah: YES

  7. I don’t understand league why do they need a 300th champion if only about 30 of the first 299 are actually balanced

  8. Another dashing champ lol. They always gotta add a fucking dash. She sounds like a mash up of nami, lucian, cami, thresh, etc. Yeah no.

  9. Sounds op. Even if w and e have massive cd, The on-hit potential and basically inbuild sheen sound pretty strong

  10. League of Dash
    Seriously, I don't understand why Rito continues add dash for almost every new champ

  11. WHy does the title say FULL ABILITIES Reveal if the first thing you say is "this is old and probably not the case"? Im kinda glad I have adblock lmao

  12. does anyone else wish they'd only come out with one champ a year or something, im so sick of new broken/annoying champs

  13. They haven't even balanced their previous champ and they're working on the next. But at least Nilah doesn't have an overloaded kit. Oh wait…

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