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Nunu's Rework: How Trash Became Treasure | League of Legends

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Today’s rework retrospective is one that I’ve been looking forward to for a VERY long time! Nunu was arguably one of the worst designed champions in all of League’s history. So I was both surprised and extremely impressed at what they were able to pull off with his VGU. So let’s talk about Nunu and Willump’s Rework: A Retrospective!

League of Legends Rework Retrospective Playlist: https://bit.ly/3yWdMsZ

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  1. idk nunu's old kit does make sense in context of the old jungle that fked ur shit up and was tough as nails. ppl changed the jg and forgot about nunu thus creating the image that his kit was poorly designed.

    was best rework.

  2. I’m glad you made this video 😃I’m new to league and I love seeing the evolution of the game

  3. I actually started league like 2 days after his rework and to this day I still play him I've branched off to Amumu and Vi for JG but nunu still holds a special place

  4. must say that he kinda never lost his anti-jungler play style
    He just got new play style over it, Spam gank style or supportive style
    It all just depends what you like to play

  5. I miss old Nunu. Because his shitty clunkiness made him more irritating for the opponent. I miss the enemy jungler being level 1 at 7 minutes. I miss ghost/cleanse DISCO Nunu.

  6. I'm probably one of the few who still misses the old WW and Nunu(and Eve but we don't talk about that).

    Also Akali and Aatrox had really good reworks 8n hindsight. Not sure why everyone was so pissed about it.

  7. Does anyone know for what design part shuriman ascendants are known for for example Demarion’s are known for their straight forward game design and so

  8. I really have mixed feelings on Nunu and Willump's rework.
    I mean, the visual went from drunk looking gorilla to a beautiful and original sasquatch design; the spelles became more skilled but kept the "childhood playing" theme; the voices seem way better now, and for me the rework is a huge success, and it was necessary (at least a visual one).
    That being said, I loved old Nunu so much. I have never even played the new Nunu because I loved the clunky wierd looking funny voiced hobo.
    I suck at jungle and I hate this role, but old Nunu made me able to win games when I was autofilled. It was so dumb; I felt like I was resting when I played and I always ended up having fun. I had some of my best league moments seeing the enemies slowly trying to walk under safety while I was chasing them with my e and my team was slicing them down.
    Now they feel like an actual regular champion, with a general gameplay into League.
    My heart is torn apart.

  9. only thing i dislike is the new art of nunu i think they should have kept old visual and just make it better quality. the new nunu looks to childish i liked his old serios and mean looking

  10. Nunu's rework sucked they ruined the champs identity imo, also am I the only one that liked nunu's design more pre rework? I mained him to diamond with a 76% winrate back in the day

  11. I dont play nunu, but this is one of the rework that was a succes. And really, there are not that many good reworks from riot

  12. Personally I enjoyed watching people suffer with a 90% slow snowball that was point and click that lasted 2 seconds from an ability that had 2.3 second cd while i laughed and smacked them in the face more. Making people more useless than you were was hilarious.

  13. Ach the good old meta where the midlaner had a nunu that helps him taking every wave and Camp just to get 300cs in under 20 min and the w buff from nunu… rip Karthaus an kaisa (kogmaw as well)

  14. This man just said snow ball is easy to side step that thing has one of the most cursed hit boxes in the game. Im talking like prenerf sion E. I honestly think if the hitbox was fixed people wouldnt hate it as much
    Great video dont want to leave a comment like this like i didnt think the video is good.

  15. On a note of how they are seperate characters but function as one, when thresh is nearby and they die, they drop two souls.

  16. well don't play the new nunu its like taric rework i was enjoying playing them AP/tank their kit was basic with ultra stats but it fun to play i mean all champs don't need to be competitve so its kinda sad too loose 2 of my fun pick look how taric goes no one play him anymore fight are too short , too much dash to hit ennemy and stun now he is just frustrating to play , even more when you remenber the point-and-clic stun he had his massiv stats boots on ulti and broken healing nunu feel the same just boring to play you get kite to death , after 25 min you are useless if the ennemy support ward correctly , conclude i'm sad to loose a champ

  17. Urgot is one of these champs l liked to play but hated just bc of his ult. I didn't care about his look at that time just after season5 champions became cooler and my jelousity rose until I won against them

  18. I always love seeing your thoughts on reworked champions! since they just announced a Sivir mid-scope update, it might be fun to see your predictions on what might change with her kit. could make a neat video!

  19. If there is a shit on the floor, and your argument would be not to remove it, cause some people might like seeing the pile of shit, there is something wrong with the argument. 0:55 i agree with the rest of the video.

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