PS5 Covered by Louis Thanawin

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PS5 Covered by Louis Thanawin
[Cover songs by GMMTV artists]

ฟังเพลง “PS5” ได้แล้ววันนี้

Song: PS5 (with TOMORROW X TOGETHER & Alan Walker)
Artist: salem ilese
Producer: Marty Maro, Alan Walker

#PS5 #salemilese #TXT #AlanWalker

Eyes up, you’ve been gone for a Fortnite
My love, are you stuck in a fake life?
Can’t win, if the prize is to waste your time
Now it’s wasting mine

And I know that we’re close but I’m lonely
Make me your only
Won’t win a trophy
But can it kiss you like this when you hold me
Missing it low-key
I’ll say it slowly

It’s me or the PS5
Tell me how you wanna spend your night
Three’s feeling way too tight
So if it’s not me then I’m probably gonna run it over
Me or the PS5
Tell me which of us is more your type
Seems like you can’t decide
So if it’s not me then I’m probably gonna run it over

My love, know I’m in for the long ride
I’m not playing games of the wrong kind
Could be keeping secrets and telling lies
But i’m just online
And I can promise you
I’ll never play you, I’ll find a way to show you I’m grateful
And so I’m begging you
Two minutes only, you’ll get the trophy, I’m staying faithful

It’s me and the PS5
Tell me why you makin’ me decide
Please don’t you see I’m live
So if you don’t leave I can find a way to win you over
Me and the PS5
Least you know where imma be at night
Scores never been this high
(so high)
So if you don’t leave I can find a way to win you over

Me or the PS5 (x3)

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  1. As a moa and louis fan my ears are blessed 🛐✨👏
    Plsss I want him to collaborate with txt in any kind or form.Both are so talented 😭

  2. โมอาอย่างฉันคือชอบมากน่ารักมากหล่อมากค้าบน้องหลุยส์

  3. เพราะมาก เพราะแบบเพราะเลย ฟังไปยิ้มไป😣💘💘

  4. นี้มันลูกพี่หลุยส์ชัดๆ หล่อมากกกกกกกก ใจหนูละลายหมดแย้ว🤗🫠 เสียงร้องไม่ต้องพูดถึงเพราะมากกกกกกกกกกกกก

  5. I love Louis voice a lot, and his dancing skills as well.

    So it seems like the next GMMTV musical project will be an album of covers?, that's pretty cool!, I hope the give Puimek the chance to get involved on it, i love her voice a lot as well.

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