Reacting to "Why FIFA 22 Will Go Down As The Worst One Yet"

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  1. while i agree to some point, like the skill gap getting shorter…. i dont think it´s because "luck", it´s because the game it´s easier to play and the new mechanics they add this year are not worth practicing them because they don´t give you the advantage you would expect from putting time on getting those mechanics correctly…. Best example to this was when they added the time shot, which if you don´t practice it, you will most likely lose to people who knew how to use it correctly……. This year we don´t have a "time shot" (metaphorically speaking), so there´s no mechanic that will make anybody waaaay better than the rest……

    Otherwise, and this is where i disagree with the "luck" argument, if luck was a thing, we would be seeing new people on the competitive scene, and we are not…. It´s the same people as always getting there, winning, etc….. In fact, most non-competitive people, content creators like Nick, they still do the same rank-skill points they´ve been doing last year..

    I think Stallion would get a lot more followers and a bigger community if his videos weren´t always about ranting and hating FIFA… He´s a great player and a dedicated content creator, but his own bitternes against the game is what´s holding him back.

  2. I played fut 13 until 2015, fut 15 until 2019 and every other fifa until the end . Never before had I given up before the end until this year. I dont even get mad anymore. I just laugh it off cause I've become good at predicting the BS that happens all the time and now I aint touching the game anymore

  3. Things I hate are the double tackles, the rebounds straight to another opponents players feet like seriously cant the ball ever drop into space to give the time for the defence to reset feel like its all about the luck when the ball drops that way even when i feel I've been solid defensively.
    Also I thing I've noticed and hate is when a player is running towards goal and 3 of the back 4 are holding the line and either the LB or RB starts running back to goal ahead of the runner AHEAD of him playing him onside creating a 10-15 yard gap between them and the rest of the defence which 9/10 leads to a goal cuz now the defence is all over the place and runners are flooding past them on the back foot the AI doesnt have the common sense to just stop and let him run offside and by the time I take control to stop it its to late the AI followed the runner and the balls been played. and you cant use offside trap as it makes the whole defence shift and i find i concede to many this way and its to easy to bypass or dribble past.
    Also the CBs they the amount of times they run into the goals leaving the six yard box open for the cut back that misses three defenders legs for a tap in is infuriating.
    the tackles from behind…as a player who has there body between the man and the ball only for someone to run back into the back of me spamming O/B and winning it with the slightest effort I can get if this is a tanking CB like VVD or Kante this i can get but the amount of times ive seen Forward/Cams with 30 odd defence stats 5'7 ect win the ball of of the likes of Gulliet, Fabinho, koke, rodri ect is annoying.
    Also the constant press…..MY GOD THE PRESS feel like everyone holds that sprint button tapping tackle its almost impossible against a good opponent to shift the ball around or get them get close and turn them when they can close you down all game and are on you before the ball has gotten to another player and there's no penalty for doing this no loss of team shape spaces that open up cuz they are on you and even if you beat the press slide a through ball through to a salah running on goal it doesn't matter as the 80 odd pace CB will catch up tackle you back and win the ball.
    Skill moves…have become to meta they should be a choice not a requirement and simple turn and a well timed pass should be just as effective as ball rolling it 800000000000 times a game, just play the game as it is on the pitch yes there's also abit of showboating in real life but when its easier to skill moves 6x in around the area then to break an opponent down and create a chance playing football…something is wrong.

  4. I don't play fifa anymore but I still watch stallion. His videos are great and I wish I found them earlier.

    I fell out of love with the game because it felt like too much luck got introduced and I began playing against the same teams and broken mechanic spammers in EVERY single game.

    My first fifa was 12. I was absolutely awful at the game for the first 3 years. Although frustrating at times, I was perfectly ok getting destroyed 5-0 by people who were clearly much better at the game. It was fair because I knew I would be the one handing out a 5-0 when I came up against someone worse than me.

    I also loved the variety of teams and formations. There were some overused tactics back in the day but it was a much smaller percentage of people who used them.

    It got to the point where I realised I was playing a game I hated. Why was I wasting my time on fifa when there are hundreds of games out there that I will actually enjoy. I'm done with fifa now and I won't be going back. It's just not worth it.

  5. Nothing worse than croqueta cancel, directional nutmeg, and bridge. Fifa 21 wrost ever for me, because of that

  6. shit like stallions first game also show why ea is fine with leaving / designing bad things, it simply gives worse players highlights.

    i say it for a long time, it doesnt matter if higher ranks in WL or rivals, there are bad players but good mechanics in even the highest ranks ( 90-95% of the community ). you can tell by the details ( i play since 2003 and for a while i was able to hang with the best in the world leaderboard people ) that they have absolutely no clue how to actually play well fifa but it doesnt matter. yet if you dont abuse somehow yourself you are at a big disadvantage. i play actual fifa, defending manually, going out on players, outplaying my opponents in attack ( im able to get Elite 1 in WL – i dont consider the new system to be good so f that ) ..

    the 5:45 example: no good player would play that pass there, every good player would keep the ball and do something else with it .. it doesnt matter if the game can give you luck, good players dont go for that because it doesnt make sense .. yet bad players do it and then get rewarded like that. the corner? good players dont want to play like that.

    fifa nowadays is just a broken mess that tries everything in its power to support bad players / bad plays . fifa used to do things right, the attacking AI used to be great, defensive AI was balanced, dribbling / touches was / were consistent etc .. but they dont care enough because it just helps clueless players. bad gameplay only helps clueless players and no good player.

  7. The movement of the attacking players in this fifa is just not good enough when going forward the players will literally just stop and look at you

  8. This game has become a job rather than a game…zero gameplay…so insanely frustrating winning or losing. Every button press had a debilitating effect…

  9. i remember when ea said they're increasing the skill gap. if anything they're reducing it. i used to think fifa 20 was the worst fifa released to date but i've already changed my mind to fifa 22

  10. Fifa is just the worsetestest game ever created it dont matter what years ..fifa is just terrible

  11. The absolute icing on top of all of this, is that people genuinely don’t understand football and think they’ve ‘outplayed’ you. All because they’ve abused the law of averages on a bad engine, like a driven cross into your defenders as shown in this video. They just know that if they spam enough of the key RNG mechanics they’ll get goals of out nothing.

    Ultimately it’s the only way EA will continue to profit from this game. The better the card the higher the % RNG goes in your favour. So we all mindlessly grind the game for packs thinking ‘if I just get this ONE player…’ 🎣 This year I got a 97 Leao red pick, did the 96 Kane SBC, and all of a sudden I’ve jumped 2 ranks in WL (rank 2) despite not playing any differently? Not to mention the strange coincidence in this game that 90% of the community seem to land on 59 points and get 2 red picks regardless of ability. Whether that’s bottling your first 10 games and then going on an unbeaten run, or smashing everyone 5-0 for the first 10 and then EA switch your attacking AI and defenders off 🥴 your green timed finesse shots in the box are all saved, but their red times long shot bounces off your defenders head and over your GK for a goal? Fantastic.

    The whole game is a mess.

  12. I’m very unlucky in this game, throughout 10 games I’m dominating the entire time and once my opponent gets a chance he scores. This has been continuing for so many games some where its last minute and I still haven’t broken a controller.

  13. Idk man I played the last couple of years and this one was 10x better than that trash fifa 21. Passing is pretty ass but something about spamming skills moves in Fifa 21 made the game dead before tots

  14. People still whining about the corner kick… does no one know how to defend… they are so easy to shut down. 🙄 this game is extreme rng… I agree… but the corner kick is just a matter of defense

  15. i got many of that too, but in some situations i feel that the players i got draged back even like if i was pressing on L2 button

  16. 6:34 that’s why I hate this game . It’s brain dead Rng game . Defensive AI is way too op and attacking AI is dead. Passing let’s not talk about it . Left stick dribbling has to be the worst I’ve ever seen . People just spam reverse / elastico . Fifa 20 left stick was way better

  17. i suffer this thousand of timees
    that time i just wanna threw my ds4 and then i felt no i m poor if i did then i am done

  18. At this point in fifa you no longer play against the player with DDA assisting them, now you play against DDA with the opponent assisting it.

  19. I would agree that this is the worst fifa ever despite other fifa's having more toxic meta's and it just comes down 2 bad luck/randomness cause not only is not fair, this year they seem 2 have implemented some sort of sbmm/dda like mordern warfare. Literally don't know how some ppl can play this game competitively cause the amount of shit I've experinced and seen this year is mind-blowing even compared 2 other years and it's somehow consistent. Less than a week ago I wached my friend loose 3-5 despite a xg ratio 10,3-2,4 with his goalkeeper getting 0 saves from 9 shots and a match rating of 3,0 and the opponents getting a 9,6 even though he got 3 past him. I saw him outplaying/out-dribbling the guy more than I could count and each time he green timed his finish and yet he still missed more 8-9 1v1's with his keeper. Game is rigged af

  20. Dude you guys have to face the fact that the Fifa you loved is long gone and you are making content for the most corrupt and ridiculous game on the market. I had to stop buying Fifas after 18 due to copious amounts of hate but thought I'd try it again this year as I love soccer, biggest mistake. I will never give those EA trolls or anybody affiliated with the Fifa franchise another dollar or mine as they clearly don't give a shit about the communities feedback. It's sad but a fact that they took the game away from us.

  21. Totally, totally agree with this analyses. I actually liked the base version from October – January. But then the game fell of a cliff. 3 reasons for me: trash servers, trash modifications (never call fifa modifications "upgrades") and the high level of manipulation/randomness in the "assistance". I feel like i'm playing the game in slow motion last few weeks too.

  22. If ea downgraded all the players stats wouldn’t that reduce the effect of the ai ? Coz now it seems a lot worse with all these 90 pace 99 defending defenders ? For example phill Jones won’t be as jammy as say toty dias maybe if ea reduced everyone’s rating down it would be an easier fix ? Maybe Itd a easy fix

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