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SCP: Secret Files – Official Gameplay Trailer (Warning: Flashing Lights)

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Check out the trailer for upcoming mystery thriller sim, SCP: Secret Files. Get a look at some eerie gameplay in this mysterious trailer as you step into the shoes of a rookie assistant researcher at the SCP Foundation. The Foundation is a secretive organisation that identifies and isolates dangerous anomalies. However, before you can begin your work, you need to complete an arduous induction program that will make you question everything.

Check out SCP: Secret Files’ Steam Next Fest 2022 demo. You can wishlist the game on Steam now.

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  1. "This is nothing like SCP SL, that game focuses on playing with total strangers (aka LOSERS) who don't know anything about the ACTUAL story. Finally an SCP game worth playing that DOESNT focus on SURVIVAL, more on STORY 🤓🤓🤓🤓"

    (Fr tho all of the scp games are fun shut up)

  2. If Telletale decided to make a game based off SCP with more than 5 episodes than it might become one of the best games ever.

  3. don't get me wrong, im excited for this, but some of me think it's going to be like hello neighbor for some reason…

    also that's sort of a bad thing 😬

  4. ngl this looks great and all, but it doesn't (at least from the trailer) look like an scp game it looks like a sci fi (the actual meaning of it, not the oversimplified popular meaning) game with an scp bowtie, it remains to be seen though

  5. So is the hanged king the main villian in this game?
    Also can a dedicated scp fan please tell me what this black box is about

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