Sifu PS5 Review: Kung Fu Brawler Is Brutal But Brilliant

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A 3D beat-em-up where patience and persistence is rewarded above all else.

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  1. Awesome sounds great! Was a bit on the fence about it but sounds like a riot type of fun, there's a physical 'Vengence' edition coming out soon so might grab it, I'm loosing interest in these big budget titles, but indie Devs always have alot of heart in there passion projects, I'm like legit interested if sloclap remade 'Rise to Honor' like Sifu, now there's a game that was mad awesome when Rockin on the PS2, great review, cheers for that, p.s change that background music! Sounds like a duck choking on a kazoo

  2. I've seen several people online say the combat often is a guessing game. Kind of a turnoff for me.

  3. Bleeding hell, if this commentator isn’t from Bristol then I must be deaf. Love a good Bristolian accent👍🏼😂

  4. I have to disagree with your score I will least give it a 9 or 10 an 8 is a little too low for this game the game is amazing more than great

  5. That old boy corridor reference as me excited, gonna pick up today when I get home from work.

  6. Thinking of getting this game, but the review said it’s too difficult and no option to lower it. I play only on weekend and don’t have the luxury of time to repeat defeating a boss or level countless of times

  7. Thank you, Definitely playing this!! Been waiting for a good Kung Fu game. Remaster the Jet Li game with this combat please 🤟🏻

  8. Looks cracking. Good review guys. As a martial arts god myself, I'll be picking this up and completing within 30 minutes. Can't wait

  9. Definitely need to keep a cool head during combat because button mashing will get you rekt

  10. Really compelling fun, so far.

    A couple of deaths and a few hours of exploring and unlocking in. Runs butter smooth, looks and handles great.
    Is it possible to have non english dialogue (with english subs)?

  11. Hm thanks for the review. I wondered on and off if this game was for me but after watching this, it definitely is not. Hope the people that are into it enjoy it!

  12. Gonna try the ps4 version tomorrow hoping that it will practically be the same because the ps4 controller is just so much better suited for this type of game. Why is sony couldn't let people use both controllers like xbox I'll never understand.

  13. I love seeing real Gongfu styles being represented. Shout out to Bak Mei and Hakka Gongfu.

  14. Great review. Thanks. Not sure what the music in the background was but I did find it wearing me down.

  15. Made it to the flower boss guy and he’s been kicking my ass for like 15 years already!!!

  16. Be so great if we were able to play the damn game you know we spend the extra money and then get burned once again by the video game industry

  17. Aaron you sound full of cold man! If that’s the case then get well soon! Man flu is no joke 😂

  18. I just don't understand why there's no blood, I mean if I smash someone with a pipe and broke his nose….hmmmm. it's breaking the feeling how powerful I am a lot

  19. Pre ordered, but will not download, so frustrating as was really looking forward to this , wish Sony and Sloclap would sort this out

  20. Just go play Absolver if you want: Online Multiplayer, Custom Move-set, items to equip and make your character look different. Feel like a badass

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