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Summer Game Fest 2022 Reaction: New Game Reveals, Big Announcements & More (E3 2022 Live Reaction)

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Games we hope to see (PS5 games – new games & more)
Gotham Knights
Street Fighter
Marvel’s Midnight Suns
Callisto Protocol

Saints Row (Shadow Drop)
God of War Ragnarok (Date)
Last Of Us Remake
Overdose from Kojima
Need For Speed

Hogwarts Legacy
Horizon Forbidden West DLC

00:00:00 Pre Show
00:09:20 Main Show

02:02:45 Review & Impressions

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  1. Well, god of war ain't coming out this year. No forspoken, kind of a dud show. Cool start, good finish kind of. But everything else in between, dead. What a shame.
    Only hope of God of war is November, but it's looking like spring 2023.
    Also this lot, especially Jor need to drop this robotic pretentious garbage. Just be yourself man, talk normally. Go watch one of your older streams, you're you. Now you're so robotic, you have less of a personality than the state of play woman. Constructive criticism that's all.

  2. Why are they sad? This channel has been hyping this up like it was going to be the biggest show of the summer (when everyone knows that's on Sunday)

    Last year was a dud too, I don't get it.

  3. Listen i cant tell u who my father is but man listen to me. O i wish i could. Your not gonna believe me but ima tell u something. My father has been working for sony for over 24 years.(celebrating his 25th anniversary in sept) Anyway, my father knows i cant wait for ragnarok, but he wont tell me anything bc he knows i will just get online and reply to some random aholes comment just to prove my point. Its something i did in 2017 when last of us 2 was announced. And my dad NEVER forgave me for typing on twitter. All i did was say the game wouldn't release until 2020. People on twitter were all saying "no its gonna release in 2018 the devs have already said so blah blah blah" so my ego uploaded pics of me and my dad IN HIS OFFICE AT NAUGHTY DOGS OFFICE ETC ETC. Once i showed all of that people stopped saying i was lying….. Instead they starte So And people on twitter got so upset with me simply saying 2020 that they started sending me threats. They were ALL mad at me bc i said 2020 would be the release date. One user This studio announced this game in sept 2020. When they announced it in 2020 and said coming 2021 that was actually gonna happen. (I can guarantee you) it was going to come out in 2021. However after fans all got online and begged the studio to and sorry to keep saying it but fans all said "tAkE y0uR tiMe pLeasE wE d0NT waNt aN0tHeR cYbERpuNk" im sure you remebr those demands back in 2020 and 2021.

  4. Come on the girl is super chatty and annoying!!! I couldn't follow trailers! I should watch it in another channel. So many people talk during trailers.

  5. You guys were so loud and annoying especially denis. Shut up and listen to what these devs are saying.

  6. Imagine waiting until September to hear GOW 2023 when the DEV'S told us 2022. That would count as 2 lies right? 2021 and NOW! 👀I think what's really gonna make this bad is the wait. They've already made a decision if this game is coming out this year or not. This isn't something that's just a last minute decision. The fact that if they sit on this until September that's 9 month's and will add more fuel to the 🔥with the community.

  7. What do you use to get all the guest on your stream please let me know if you have time to answer thank you and have a great and wonderful day

  8. More like horror game fest…m not exited for horror games…we need something unique…but expecting COD to have a good campaign mode. ..not sure when will plan 8 and crimson desert gonna come out…really exited for those sort of games..

  9. I hope I'm wrong, but I feel like there will be too much emphasis on this new water technology that the campaign itself will probably not be that great and really the multiplayer and warzone 2 will be the highlight.

  10. The only games I was interested in was warhammer 40k and last of us remake. Atleast the xbox and Bethesda show is almost inevitable to be better than this showcase

  11. The state of gaming has never been worse than right now. I cant keep playing Halo all year. I just cant.

  12. Another Summer Game Fest. Another year of horrible reveals. Seriously…I'm willing to say 95% of them nobody cared anything about.

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