All Catalina Scenes in the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition

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Compilation of all Catalina’s cutscenes in GTA 3 The Definitive Edition and GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition part of Grand Theft …


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  1. I just realised they had the opportunity to make her look like the same person and they didn't take it

  2. CJ As Corrion Cossom
    Carl Johnson As Jacob Williams
    Catalina As Lacina Rowe
    Claude As Gerard Garnett

  3. I got a different cutscene after the race: No Catalina, it was Wu Zi instead who gave me a business card

  4. The beginning of this definitive edition is the Xbox version of her with the hair laid to the side in GTA 3 she looks better in GTA 3 ps2 version with full ponytail in the definitive edition and gta 3 ps2 version

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