GTA Trilogy Remastered – Best Bugs & Glitches Compilation (Definitive Edition) Funny Moments

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A compilation of all the best bugs and glitches I found in GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition on the PS5 alongside videos taken from …


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  1. it's really funny how quickly this game was abandoned by everyone. about 1 or 2 months after the game's got released the internet never looked back at them.

  2. This is why I’m glad I didn’t get this Buggy version of the GTA Trilogy on Day 1

    I waited until May 2022 to get it for the PS4

    And I haven’t experienced any of these bugs and glitches

  3. As an avid GTA fan…being heavily disappointed is an understatement…

  4. I rather choose to play gta 5 than this sheet …..GTA V is better than GTA the trilogy 🧐

  5. The fact that changed the graphics without even changing the character models or just make them look better is so sad

  6. Sure Rockstar Games loves that level for Dark Souls, when you had to pass the invisible crystal bridges…

  7. I love how CJ gets launched into the atmosphere each time he forklifts boxes into the back of trucks

  8. Well a few glitches existed on the ps2 version way before the trilogy. But still.. it needs 100 patches before it can be called next gen

  9. This version actually looks 100% worth the money because in 3 minutes I'm already way more entertained than I remember.

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