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Lets Play ELDEN RING – Atlus Plateau LIVESTREAM / Elden Ring PC Gameplay (TRY NOT TO DIE!)

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LETS PLAY MORE ELDEN RING! I’m completely addicted to this game and wanted to do a little stream today so come and hang out, chat, ask questions etc… I’m planning a Cyberpunk VR stream soon (plus other VR streams) but need to sort out some mods first. Elden Ring is my most anticipated game for the last few years and that means it’s time to dive into more of this sprawling new FromSoft adventure in an Elden Ring gameplay livestream. I have been a huge fan of the Souls games ever since I picked up Demons Souls for PS3 at launch, not knowing what I was getting into I tried the game based on the reviews and immediately fell in love with the style of gameplay that would soon become synonymous with the soulslike genre. Now we’ve arrived at Elden Ring, the most ambitious FromSoftware game to date set in a huge interconnected open world with a deep level of exploration and discovery, I can barely contain my excitement. This Elden Ring PC gameplay livestream will be exploring the third main area of the game, the Atlus Plateau, which should lead me to my third main boss confrontation. Lets try not to die…

I’ll probably be streaming this for a few hours at the very least so swing by and say hello, I’d love to have some travel companions for this epic journey and I’ll probably also need some support for all the deaths I’m inevitably about to experience. Lets play Elden Ring…

All my livestreams are chilled out & very relaxed spaces with a focus on the game itself, come along, get comfortable and lets go explore the new world of Elden Ring. The Elden Ring review scores have been INSANE and it looks set to be FromSoftwares biggest achievement to date, this has been easily my most anticipated game since it was announced and it’s finally Elden Ring launch weekend… lets play and lets try not to die!

  • All Elden Ring gameplay is captured on PC, my specs are as follows: RTX 2080, i7 9700k and 32GB DDR4 RAM. This Elden Ring PC gameplay was captured before the patch to fix stuttering issues currently present on PC and therefore might contain moments of this jittering/stuttering *

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