TenZ Shows Aggressive Neon Gameplay In Ranked Against Radiants | VALORANT

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  1. Every neon main is crying watching this cause they all want to play exact like this but they know they cant because they dont have the needed aim for this

  2. Wtspp bro my name is eden babi strated live casting valorant like 30 days(hyper x mic and head seg new setup) ago and i have 130 subs i will be happy if you can watch and Apply your opinion on my hard work love from israel

  3. Definitely not the most aggressive Neon gameplay I've seen nor the best one, but still pretty good. He just need to polish his stun lineups more as well as be more erratic/unpredictable with his movements.

    I know it's possible because I've seen somebody move like the map is a jungle gym and he himself is just doing parkour in it using Neon.

  4. *Tenz missed a shot using op"
    Tenz: i cant op anymore

    meanwhile my teammate never hit a shot is saving for his next op

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